Because water just isn’t enough.

You don’t wait until your engine is knocking to know you need an oil change, so don’t wait for your car to overheat before doing your cooling system service. Radiator fluid is the key fluid that transfers heat from your engine but is also commonly what helps to cool your transmission fluid and engine oils.

cooling antifreezeBecause water just isn’t enough! The average operating temperature of modern vehicles is in excess of 200 degrees, and if you are only putting water in your radiator it will steam/evaporate out much more quickly than it should and is more likely to cause a cooling system failure. A properly blended coolant mixture will allow the vehicle to operate up to 250 degrees before the boiling process would begin.

Over time the fluid breaks down, allowing corrosion, oxidation and excess friction to occur which causes premature wear to the vital components of your cooling system. These additives are replaced when your fluid is serviced keeping everything balanced the way it is designed to work. Ask your technician if you are due for a cooling system service today.