Avoid costly repairs caused by lack of proper lubrication.

Ok, so you change your oil on time. But when was the last time you changed your drive train fluids?

drivetrain servicesThe engine creates the horsepower, but the power can’t go from the engine straight to the tires, and this is where your drive train comes into play. The transmission along with your differentials and transfer case (rear wheel, all wheel, or 4-wheel drive) take that horsepower and transfer it to the tires. So as fast as your tires are spinning, so are the gears inside that puts those tires in motion. Obviously that creates a lot of heat and causes thermal breakdown. When oil is broken down, it simply can not protect your moving parts as well, and that is where our crew comes in. Replacing your fluids helps extend the life of your various components and helps avoid needing costly repairs caused by lack of proper lubrication. So, if you can’t remember ever doing this service, then chances are you are among the many who simply didn’t understand the importance or what this service was, but now you do. Ask your technician if this is recommended for your vehicle today.