Check engine light on? Is it the spark plugs? Do you have individual coil packs or a distributor cap? How many belts does your car have 1,2,4? Why is my temperature gauge reading so high? These are all questions that you may need fast answers for, but you don’t know where you can go or who you can trust.

engine servicesWe are local. While we look like a big fancy mainland company, we are only here on Oahu! We have built our reputation by taking care of our customers with honest work at a competitive price. We will provide you with detailed estimates that explains all of the charges for parts and labor for most general automotive repairs. While we may not do everything, we sure do a lot, and if you aren’t sure where to go, visit one of our shops and we are likely to surprise you with the wide array of available repairs that we currently offer.

We also utilize the best online knowledge centers in the industry to keep us aware of any recalls or technical service bulletins that may be associated with a problem you are experiencing. You visit us for your oil changes and annual inspections, so why not use the place you know for all of your automotive needs. We are a convenient one stop shop that puts our customers time into consideration. We know you have more important things to do than wait for your car, so let us help you coordinate a convenient time to drop your car off and pick your car up based on an accurate time estimate to complete all of the necessary repairs.