Maintain and extend the life of your engine.

When fuel prices soared a few years ago we couldn’t keep enough fuel system cleaner in stock! Everybody was doing anything they could to save money at the pump. Now that oil prices have decreased and with that fuel prices are down, people generally don’t have as much concern about increasing their fuel economy. What they also fail to realize is that this is a great service to simply maintain and extend the life of your engine.

fuel system cleaningFuel injectors are small nozzles located just outside of your combustion chamber. They spray the right amount of gasoline at just the right time, and once the gasoline is ignited and it pushes the piston back down, the left over carbon in the chamber accumulates onto the tip of the injector slowly clogging the port. As you can imagine, this is bad. Now instead of just the right amount of gas, you have too little gas, or gas spraying in the wrong direction (fuel spray patterns are extremely important as well), and this will create a loss of power, decreased fuel efficiency, and over time can cause a flat out misfire because no gas is being sprayed into the  combustion chamber.

The fuel system is vital, and the maintenance is not expensive or overly time consuming. If we are the place that services your car, and we don’t have any records of this service being performed, then maybe you are overdue. Who knows, maybe you’ll leave with a little better gas mileage and with that pep in your step the car seemed to have lost and you didn’t know why.