Did you know that your suspension plays an important role as to how well your vehicle stops? You probably only think about your brakes when someone poses a question like that, but it’s actually just as important to the process as the brakes themselves. Don’t believe me, well maybe this will help,

suspension serviceNow do you believe me? All of the weight gets shifted around to the various corners of the car throughout the course of any driving you do. Just reversing out of your driveway would require dozens of weight transfers just to complete the simple task of getting onto the road! The safety triangle was created to help people realize that shocks/struts do so much more for you than you think.


Because the components wear down over time you may not even realize that your stopping distances have doubled since you had the car brand new. Or you don’t dare go 25mph around that corner you once breezed around… it’s not that you are getting older, you know your car and as it aged she wouldn’t handle for ya…. wouldn’t it be nice to get that confidence back?! Not only that, but if you do need to stop in a hurry…. It won’t be there when you need it if your suspension is tired, so please, ask one of our professionals to provide you with a free courtesy inspection of your suspension today. Mahalo for making the islands a safer place.