Period Motor Vehicle Inspection aka “Safety Check”

We are here to help guide you through this and have some of the most veteran inspectors on the island to help you.

Nobody likes being told that they HAVE TO DO anything. So the entire idea of needing an inspection carries a negative weight from the start, and we understand that. The State of Hawai’i has decided that an annual inspection is required, and in an effort to offer best in class convenience, we employ a dozen or more inspectors at any one time to try and offer unbeatable hours of availability. We work very hard to employ, and even developed a training program in an effort to help certify as many inspectors as we can to help give you the most available inspection times on the island. Please feel free to call the shop you wish to visit to see if the inspector is on duty when you would like to come in – and if they aren’t, please ask which shops have an inspector working as we do have several shops even offering Sunday inspections. Call our competition and many of them aren’t even open on Sunday, let alone conducting inspections. If we can’t do your inspection when you arrive, we’ll give you a coupon for $7 off to visit one of our other locations that is doing them at that time! This is our commitment to you.

safety inspectionAs for the physical inspection, all criteria are laid out by the State via regulatory statutes. The items required to be inspected, each item’s specific criteria, costs, time permitted to make corrections, who is permitted to perform these inspections, virtually every step and detail is spelled out in there.

Flagship FastLube is simply playing the role of the messenger when your car has a defect that we notify you about. We gain zero popularity for “failing” a vehicle, and please remember, it’s not us failing you… it’s simply that the car has a defect that needs to be corrected. I don’t get mad at my dentist when she finds a cavity, we simply form a corrective action plan to fix it, and move on. The process is no different here.

Common questions/issues related to the safety inspection:

Insurance Cards – Effective July 1, 2016, Hawaii State Law has been amended to allow for electronic insurance cards as acceptable proof of vehicle insurance. You may submit either an original watermarked insurance card or an electronic version of proof of insurance.

Window Tint – We make no money failing you for tint, and if you see cars with illegal tint, rest assured they didn’t get their passing stickers from us! Passenger cars and SUV/Trucks do have different standards that determine Passing vs Failing. Passenger Cars =  35% all windows. Truck/SUV 35% front doors only all other windows have no regulations dictating darkness. All vehicles can have no less than 70% light transmittance on the windshield, and no tint exceeding the AS1 mark on the upper portion of the windshield. If the tint is bubbled, it fails. No matter what state you came from, your car must conform to HI regulations to get registered, even if you keep it registered in that other state. Regardless as to what you may have heard, NO car leaves the assembly line with tinted that is not 50 state legal, so please don’t tell us “It’s factory” because it definitely is not.

Lifted and Lowered – We are automobile enthusiasts, and modifying your suspension to create your car your way is a great option. On the island of Oahu, if you modify your suspension you will need a Reconstruction Permit. This is issued by the Motor Vehicle Dept, and required prior to us inspecting your vehicle.

Front License Plates – Any vehicle registered in a state that issues two license plates must have them both properly secured to the front and rear of the vehicle. If your plate is zip tied and swinging around, it is considered unsecured. No, you can’t have it in your window, on your dash, or on your sun visor, and especially not in the glove box.